6 year itching

6 years has been passed..
A festive suspension for what lived
For all those beautiful moments that are accurate memories anymore
For all that I dream with you
For what you get angry and fight.
For the faith that we invest in each other.

For all this baking heart when I see you laughing at me.

That love that leaves no ego to dance on it for a long time. That dissolves the clouds just when he needs.

To forgive
To love all over again.
No, not easy as long-term relationships.
Today is built by me and you and I think we did a lot good job so far.
enjoy you more than ever, with all my senses

I fear one think " not to lose anything from what I have"

We make a difference. We share the responsibility whatsoever to come!

I wear:
zara dress
fullah shoes
vintage coat          


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  1. wow, congratulations!!

    thank you for your comment, i follow you too!

    i have another blog:


    it's about fashion, makeup etc.. you can follow me there too, it will be great!

    i'll be back! :)

    kisses from spain!

  2. Ooohh what's surprise!! thanks for your visit and comment.
    Of course, I follow you by google friends ;-).
    You have a great blog and fantastic photos!!
    Congratulations for your 6th anniversary.
    I'm love your denim jacket of stradivarius.
    kiss and see you soon!!


thnx for your post!