no wait more...

* I can not know the future
          what will happen tomorrow ...
*I will never be younger 
          that's true my friend (fofos birthday today)
*I will never change something that have pass...

 i don't like that....
I am impatient from my birthday...
I can not WAIT to ..
Can not instead that...
this is my character and I have to accept it, to fight ...

I want to anticipate the situations....

I have so much thinks to do on my head...
some time i like my routine
Hope everything will be fine at the end 

O!GOD HELP ME find the right decision....:P

We both wear flats this time..I can not explain that :P

p.s.happy birthday and from hear..from my blog-home...

THX so much for your patience
HOPE be happy,you worth it... 

Wear vintage dress

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  1. Euxaristo filenadaki m omorfo!! aksizeis ta kalitera kai to ksereis! Ola kala tha pane..mono pou feugeis makria mou..arkei na sai eutixizmeni!!mono auto!Se euxaristo gia ta dorakia s simera itan iperoxa!!
    Sagapo poli!! <3~

    1. agaphhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      tha erxesai na me vlepeis???
      tosa xronia filenades....na meinoume gia panta...:(

    2. Ennoeite mikroula m tha erxomai na se vlepo dn tha xoristoume pote!!! <3~ Thelo na sai eutixizmeni!!

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