oooo!!!! mommy...

Sometime our mom  says. "will become a mother and you will understand!".
  I remember when she  looked at me -when i was baby - and said: "You know that you came from my belly..?You started as green beans .. then .. after you became zucchini... eggplant .. and  then baby;!". And all crying .. and crying ..
From love...
Time passes and  I sat alone, stood alone, holding the bottle myself and begun to speak .. (in my own way of course at the very first..). And just saying ma-ma  immediately turn and stare or came towards to my place to show me that yes, I'm, I'm your mom!
I remember when i gave presends to her gift cartd that i had paint...
And now i grown up and write her Tributeat at my blog-home...

This Sunday is Mother's Day. The best celebration of the world, the most touching! A celebration around love, a love without consideration, without limits .. Why does every mother loves her child without thinking .. only by instinct. With this instinct before falling under her child she stretch out our hand to get it down ..

p.s I love you mommy...

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