pastel insparetion

This days i easily find parking and no traffic on the roads in our blog-neighborhood.Found opportunities go to some houses missing owners...Do not tell me rude .... left the door open.
I read the old suspension, from the very first.There is a difference eventually. But I wonder if slowly, slowly open our selfs more or vice versa.Depending on the inspiration and enthusiasm.
read and my own old posts. Boasts some who managed to express myself so well. And I see and some that only the title make me not reread them, I did not like.

Will the people who are around me, there are times when they want me to go away?? Apparently yes, if I feel for me. And how would life be if when you feel that we want to move away from somewhere, we did?

I don't know what is true...
But really  I DO BELIEVE IN MAGIC...

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